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Integrated Cleaning and Measurement™ (ICM) is an open-source system in which “best practices” are defined by scientific measurement of cleaning outcomes. Like other open-source systems, users generate data that contribute to its growth and development.

ICM primarily consists of four steps, including measurement, comparison, experimentation and implementation. This process is followed by all participants to generate quantifiable baselines for benchmarking and performance improvement that will enhance levels of cleanliness and associated health outcomes.

The ICM program is being administered by the non-profit International Executive Housekeepers Association (IEHA).

Managers trained in ICM precepts can use measurement as a product and process selection, enhancement and validation tool.

While the ICM approach in part incorporates a variety of scientific devices that measure microbial, particulate or other contaminant presence to evaluate cleanliness, a primary purpose of ICM is to create unification of operational elements and a holistic view of building environments, and to use measurement as a means to assess progress and track the benefits of synergies.

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